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KANSAS CITY, MO — July 7th, 2024 — Seva Dance, a non-profit that  teaches Indian cultural dance to empower youth and provide charitable  support to the local community, is thrilled to return to Lied Center of Kansas in Lawrence for INfusion 2024. The Bollywood dance and entertainment event  will take place on Saturday, November 16th, 2024, at 2:30 p.m. CDT. All proceeds from INfusion 2024 will benefit Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer, a well regarded local organization committed to raising awareness and money for childhood cancer research.

INfusion 2024 will feature over 200 dancers blending traditional and contemporary dance styles to showcase the diversity and beauty of the Kansas City community. Over 1,000 people attended INfusion 2023, which attracted a diverse crowd promoting diversity and inclusion. $50,000 was donated to Variety KC, last year’s beneficiary, as a result of the effort. 

“We believe that dance is for everyone, and it has so many benefits: it is a  wonderful way to build friendships, create memories, teach leadership as well  as teamwork, show self-expression, learn about culture and discipline, and get  exercise,” said Seva Dance founder and choreographer, Megha  Chandramohan. “The best part is that it provides a means to give back to our  community through both entertainment and service.” 

“We are excited to support Braden’s Hope this year. Childhood cancer research is grossly underfunded and receives less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget. We hope that through our event this year we can encourage further community engagement, increased attendance, and ultimately greater awareness for such a worthy cause in our local community.”

About Seva Dance 

Seva Dance is a non-profit organization that empowers Kansas City youth and  provides charitable support to the local community through the teaching of  Indian cultural dance. Over the past two years Seva Dance has donated $80,000 to charitable causes. Their mission is to create an inclusive, multicultural experience that gives back to those in the greater Kansas City area. Learn more at 

About Braden’s Hope
Our Research Review Board comprises esteemed physicians and scientists dedicated to combating childhood cancer. They collaborate closely with researchers and leaders from Children’s Mercy Hospital, KU Cancer Center, and Stowers Institute to select, review, and oversee research grants. Our rigorous evaluation process, complemented by robust monitoring and reporting protocols, ensures that all grants align with Braden’s Hope For Childhood Cancer’s mission.

Our purpose is to accelerate the fight against childhood cancer by funding research across the Midwest to ensure no family hears the words “no known cure” during their fight with cancer.

For sponsorship inquiries please email:

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Past Beneficiaries

$50,000 donated to our 2023 beneficiary Variety KC!
2022 beneficiary

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